The Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

Russian Blue:

As its name suggests, this cat was developed in Russia’s Arkhangelsk region. Archangel Blues is another name for these felines. During the 1860s, the cat is believed to have been transported from Northern Europe and the Archangel Isles. Breeders developed this specific breed overtime during the Second World War. There weren’t enough Russian Blue cats at the time and this prompted breeders to breed Siamese cats together.

It’s possible to grow old with this cat. It has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. These cats even lived up to 25 years in some circumstances. This breed is something you want if you desire a cat with lovely fur; a cat of this breed sold for $3,000.


If you have thousands of dollars to spare, Peterbald is another extremely pricey cat you can buy. This cat resembles an Oriental Shorthair and is thought to have come from Russia. There are several varieties of Peterbald cats that you could run into. Others are born bald, while some have straight coats. The gene for hair loss is among Peterbald cats’ most distinctive characteristics.

This cat is incredibly wise and patient. If you have kids or pets besides the Peterbald, you should consider adding them. If you examine Peterbald’s past, you will discover that it is a relatively recent cat breed. It was created in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1994. It came about as a result of a Sphynx experiment.

Bengal Cat:

This cat was designed to resemble a wild cat. It appears to be a leopard or an ocelot when closely examined. Nevertheless, it was not shocking given that it was hybridized with Asian Leopard cats. South and East Asia have a wild cat called the Asian Leopard cat.

There is no longer any reason for you to be concerned that the Bengal Cat has a wild cat disposition. It has undergone domestic cat crossbreeding to give it a wild cat’s appearance and personality. The Bengal cat was created entirely by accident. The primary purpose of breeding domestic cats with Asian leopard cats was to examine the breed’s apparent resistance to feline leukemia. They are the 3rd most expensive breeds in the world coming in at $25,000 for a purebred.

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