The Most Freakish People Who Ever Lived

Frank A. Lentini, 3 legged man (1889 -1966)

“Freak” is a term used to describe people who are suffering from an extraordinary disease or who are physically deformed, either by a genetic mutation or self inflicted. It can also be used genetic alteration in animals and plants. Freaks can be grouped in two. The natural freaks and those who are self made freak. The natural freaks are those who that suffers from a genetic disorder while the made freaks are those that had surgical alterations done to their bodies.

We have gathered some of the most genetically challenged persons who have ever lived and a few of those who some may say they are mentally challenged to do what they did to themselves.

Grace “Mule Face Woman” McDaniels

Grace McDaniels was born in the year 1889 with a genetic disorder that made her have elephantiasis of the lips. Even tho the media labelled her “mule face woman” she refused to let it get to her and embraced the way she was rather that living a life of depression. Aside that, she also made some money from it by traveling with the sides show. Eventually she had a son that had no deformities whom she saw as her life and happiness. When he was old enough, he helped her with her career. After she had joined Harry’s Lewiston circus, she began earning $175 weekly.

Robert “Pony Boy” Huddleston

In 1895, Robert “Pony Boy” Huddleston was born. People referred to him as “Pony Boy” because he walked on all fours like a pony, and people thought he was unhealthy and in pain. For about 35 years, Robert traveled with the sideshow and never had any issue with his appearance and the way he walked. Robert died in 1970.


Laloo Ramparsad was lived from 1874-1905. He was born with a parasitic twin that was attached to his torso that had 2 working arms, 2 working legs, a torso and even a functioning penis… the only missing body part was the head. Laloo was known as the “Happy Healthy Hindu” was from a small village in India Oovonin, Oudh. In 1881 at just seven years old, an Englishman discovered him and brought him to England and later to the rest of Europe to be part of “the freak show.” In 1891, he came to the United States and worked for Barnum and Baileys as well as Ringling Brothers. Sadly when he was on tour with the Norris and Rowe circus in Mexico, he was killed by a train accident in 1905.

Jasmine “Total Recall” Tridevil

She went through surgery to have a third breast, which means it was there originally. But if you want to believe that’s it’s real, then you can wait till the time mutants would begin to exist.

Tran Van Hay

Tran Van Hay hair measures 22.31 feet long. Many believed that his dreadlocks are the longest in the world. But in reality that really true. It was said that when he still young he felt very sick when he had his first haircut. After passing through that he vouched he would never do that again.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Chandra, the shortest man in the world was born in Nepal. His height measures 1 feet and 9.5 inches. There was a time he came across the shortest woman in the world Jyoti Amge. Chandra was 75 years old when he died.

Dede Koswara

He was referred to as the tree man because he had an uncontrolled HPV(Human Papilloma Virus). On his body were pounds of warts that looked like tree branches. There was a time that he went for surgery and removed thirteen lbs of warts from his body. After the surgery, he was able to live normally, but not for long when the warts came back. For him to prevent the warts from growing he would have to keep doing surgery twice a year. He was 42 years old when he died ( January 30th, 2016).

Billy Owen

If you are in search of an actor that would professionally play the role of a zombie, look no further because Billy Owen his the right man for it. It is said that you don’t need to give him a zombie makeup for him to look scary.

Mandy Sellars

Mandy was a British woman who had a genetic disorder called Milroy disease from birth. It’s a disease condition where ones leg cannot stop growing. She has passed through all this experience from birth and it has not been a friendly one. She can’t even walk well because they are so heavy. The only way for her to move around was to use crutches. The funny part of it is that outside her leg, the rest part of her body is okay. Even when had her left leg amputated and started using wheel chair, the leg grew still back.

Nick Stoeberl

Nick Stoeberl has the longest tongue in the world and it measures 3.98 inches in length. Though it might look funny but most people are certain that he receives lots of calls from ladies.

Tom Staniford

Tom is a para-cyclist that suffers from a very rare syndrome called the MDP Syndrome. It’s rare because it has affected only eight people in history. His an accomplished cyclist who never allowed his condition affect his career.

Ram Singh Chauhan

Singh Chauhan has been growing his mustache for years and officially is the longest mustache in the world. It measures over 14 feet long. Most people wonder how long it took him to groom that mustache.

Melvin Boothe

This is the man with the longest nail in the world. Most people find it easy to break their nails but the question that goes through everyone’s mind us that how does Melvin Boothe wipe.

Gary Turner

You would be surprised if you encounter Gary Turner. He has the stretchiest skin in the world. He can pull his skin starting from his next over his face. Just look for a picture of Gary Turner and you woul have an idea of how his skin can stretch.

Francisco Domingo Joaquin

According to the Guinness book of records Francisco Domingo Joaquin has the biggest mouth in the world. Anytime he uses his hand to stretch his lip and opens his mouth, he looks like a zombie in the one of the famous TV series called the “Walking Dead”.

Man Who Permanently Raised His Hand To Heavens

In 1973, Sadhu Amar Bharati raised his hand in honour to an Indian good named Shiva and hasn’t brought it down ever since.

Abigali and Brittany Hensel

It hasn’t clear if Abigali and Brittany Hensel are one or two different women. They seem to share everything from the waist down. But upwards seeito be different because they have two separate hearts on each side each, three lungs and kidney arranged two on one side and the one on the other side and two stomachs. For personality sake, they are two different individuals with different likes and dislikes. What’s surprising the most is that one of them can anticipate what the other is thinking. To sum it all they are conjoined twins.

Sultan Kosen

Sultan a turkish man who was born in the year 1982 cannot reach the world’s record held by late Robert wadlow in the 1940 since he got therapy on how to stop it’s growth. He suffered from a condition called acromegaly. But currently his the tallestman in the world. His height measures 8 feet 3 inches in length. He uses crutches to walk because his knee can’t hold him. Kosen sees his tallness as an advantage in been able to see far distance and also his able to assist his family with domestic work such hanging pictures, curtains etc. But is disadvantage is not been able to find clothes that fits is size

Bryon Schlenker

If someone should take a closer look at Bryon, you won’t notice anything special about him. But if he should open his mouth to say something, then you would notice something strange about him. According to the Guinness Book Of Records, Bryon hold the widest tongue in the world. His daughter’s tongue is almost as big as his, but not “THAT BIG”.

The man who carried his twin brother in his stomach

There was a 36 year old man named Bhagat in the city of Nagpur, India. Who always complained about the self-consciousness he felt about his stomach. In 1999, he had a swollen stomach and could hardly breathe and was quickly rushed to the hospital. To the doctors’ amazement what was in Bhagat stomach was his twin brother, a half formed body of an infant twin that was never born.

Vijay “Elastic man” Sharma

If you should make a list of the most elastic people in the world, Vijay woul be among them. Hence, he was named the “Elastic man”. He can do something that an average human can’t do such as wrapping his feet round his body.

Rolf Buchholz

According to the Guinness book of records, the most pierced man in the world is a German man named Rolf Buchholz. Records shows that his body holds 453 piercings, the region around his genitals holds 248 piercings. He was to attend a night club freak show in Dubai but was denied an entry by the border agents because they believed he practised black magic.

Mayra “Mountain Dew” Hills

When you talk of someone who is extremely voluptuous, then you talk of Mayra Hills. She has the world most largest breast implants. Though she has done several breast augmentation surgeries that wasn’t enough until the last one she did.

Julia “The Illustrated Lady” Gnuse

Julia is the most tattooed woman in the world reason been that when she was in her 30’s, she suffered from a skin condition (Porphyria) that is most times referred to as “allergy to the sun”. She would have huge scars because of sun burns so she began painting herself with tattoos making her look really sexy. She is commonly referred to as the “Illustrated Lady”. At first her plastic surgeon that is also her friend told her to try getting her skin tattooed in colors similar to the scars she had on body. But it never turned out the way they expected it to be. So they decided to try out different colors consisting of various themes of cartoons, actors.

Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich is a performance artist and according to the Guinness Book of Records is the most tattooed man in the world. He was born in New Zealand in the year 1971. When he was young he loved reading books about tattooed men and became interested in them. He’s actually a very handsome man, naturally and of course, h was not born with any tattoos but has since 100% of his body covered with tattoos. It’s believe that he spent forty days in the tattoos artist chair making every part of his body covered with ink.

Michele Koebke

Photo: Michele Kobke (left) / Ethel Granger (right) / Pintrest

It’s most people belief that having a slender waist is the product of having a good diet and lots of exercise and the ultimate feminine beauty. But that’s different for this German lady name Michele Kobke that has a waist size of 16 inches (40 cm). She did this by wearing a corset daily even while sleeping for three years. Most catwalk models waist are not as small as Michele Kobke. But contrary to most people’s thoughts, she does not have the world’s smallest waist. The Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest waist was 13 inches and that belonged to Ethel Granger of the United Kingdom.

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