Triplets Took the Same Birthday Picture For 37 Years

Karin Scholtz, a mother of three triplet boys, first started taking photos of her three boys, Peter, Mark and Dennis, together on their first birthday.

Like many other photo trends, we see over the internet, this mother decided to take the same kind of pictures with the boys together every year on their birthday. Surprisingly it continued for good 33 years. Here is a walk down memory lane with the three brothers, starting right from their first birthday.

The First Birthday Picture

Birthdays are memorable events, but this trio has it the best way. We can imagine how hard it must have been for Karin to make three-year-old sit together and pose for a picture, but she did. After their first birthday, this photo series became a part of the annual tradition for the kids. In the first picture, three boys are happily stuffing their birthday cake in the mouth without making much mess; that’s three good boys right there.

The first birthday of Peter, Mark and Dennis was in 1985, and every year from this day, the triplets’ mom made them pose in front of the birthday sign for a picture. Karin initially didn’t intend to start a photo series, but somehow, with time, these photographs became a family tradition.

And There we Go, the Boys are Entering Their Terrible Twos

The second picture has the boys all grown up. Instead of the cake, the birthday sign is now on the wall. The triplets seem very happy here celebrating their birthday. Karin has the boys dressed up in mustard soccer jerseys, and the boys are all smiles for the camera.

Unlike the first picture, Peter, Mark, and Dennis here seem a little comfortable taking their photograph. They are all smiles, showing off their teeth. The boys have beautiful golden brown hair with the same lengths and styles. Wonder if anyone could tell them apart?

The Third Birthday is When the Kids Now Knew it Was a Tradition

When their third birthday came along, Karin decided to make the annual birthday photographs a tradition for the triplets to be continued for years to come. The boys were an inspiration for Karin’s photography, and now, each year, they lined up waiting for their mother to take a beautiful and memorable birthday photograph for them.

In their third birthday picture, the boys are wearing moss green sweaters with snoopy on them, waiting for the camera to capture their happy faces and holding that iconic birthday sign. Snoopy was such a kid’s favourite those days, if we all recall. Brings a lot of beautiful memories.

And Just Like that, the Boys are Four Now.

Their fourth birthday picture is a lot different than the first three. It is taken just around when the boys started their first year of school. Now that they are four, their personalities started showing up.

It is clear from the pictures that it must have been challenging to get the boys to wear the same clothes and pose for the camera. Peter seems the rule breaker here; he probably refused to match clothes with his brothers and not sit but lie down instead. But one thing that is common in all the pictures is the beautiful smiles these brothers have.

The Five-Year-Old Triplets

It seems like the fifth birthday was a little challenging for the family. This year the mother, Karin, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and we can imagine how hard it must have been for her and the boys, in fact, the whole family, to go through this phase.

Still, Karin managed to picture the boys together on their birthday. The boys seemed a little sad and concerned here, holding the birthday sign, without much of a smile on their face. Towards the fifth birthday, the boys had their choices and favourites. They all wear different coloured sweaters, continuing with their birthday tradition and posing with their birthday sign. But regardless of the hard times, the family is sticking to the annual tradition.

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