Clothing Is An Afterthought At Walmart

Sometimes it’s so much fun to play around with our clothing style and experiment with looks that we never even thought about adopting. Some looks can make you look like a completely different person. Whether it is a good thing or not remains a point of debate. Nonetheless, from undergarments to clothes we wear for grocery shopping, this experimental approach can be applied to all kinds of attire. It may or may not work for you. That’s a given. And looking at these pictures, it seems that people opted for such outlandish clothing most of the time that even E! channel’s fashion police will have a hard time determining their top ten fashion faux pas. Thinking about outlandish clothing, we cannot help but think that it’s a far departure from our everyday norms. So does it mean, wearing outrageous clothing to something so mundane as grocery shopping at Walmart could be a form of escapism?

Do people prefer wearing clothes that they usually won’t even think about because it allows them the freedom to escape the harsh and often humdrum realities of day-to-day life? Since there’s no legally recognized dress code for visiting a supermarket, people view it as an opportunity for self-expression or exercise self-control? Fashion psychologist Marleen Beevers says that it could be true because we “act as the protagonist throughout our life- nobody around to break the spell.”The reason could be anything. We leave it up to your imagination. But before making up your mind, have a look at the kind of outlandish attire we are referring to, which has compelled us to question the wearer’s sanity level. Let’s check them out.

Panting Without Pants

These ladies probably forgot to drop down her skirt while in the toilet. Could someone be this excited to shop at Walmart? Even kids these days aren’t as excited to go shopping as this woman seems to be. For such days when you cannot afford to dress up for beachside leisure, the best way to look good at a grocery store is throwing in your most well-fit boy shorts, bucket hat, a tank top, micro backpack, and summary slides.

That’s going to make you look hot and keep you cool during the warmer months of the year. Nothing exudes summery vibes more than a tee-shirt made with breathable material and slides. You should think about slipping into something a bit airier the next time you do shopping. Don’t forget to wear nice undergarments as they will boost your confidence.

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