All The Weird Things That Exists In China

Communist China is biggest country in the world with a population of approximately 1.4 billion people in China proper alone; this does not include countries and territories that they have invaded and claimed under the Chinese flag, such as Tibet. Since the United states lifted the embargo on Communist China in 1971 under President Nixon who decided to end the 21‐year embargo on trade with China, it has become one of the greatest countries in very short time leaving all the world fascinated by their culture and advancement in technology.

China has taken advantage of the COVID pandemic that came out of Wuhan, China which economically collapsed the rest of the world to catapult its economy ahead and far surpass its projected growth. With the social upheaval in the western world where American politicians and its citizens are fighting over social justice issues, China is building its nation to take over United State’s position as a Super Power. No doubt China Will Be The World’s Next Super Power. China’s rise can be termed as the result of the country’s exceptional and bizarre traditions which separates them from any other country of the world. What makes them so extraordinarily different? We are here to show you that! Click on the next slide to see these exceptional facts and bizarre qualities of the Chinese people.

Summer? Let’s Eat Dogs

Yulin, a major city of China, is famous for its people eating dogs. Yes, you heard that right… the Chinese has a tradition of eating man’s best friend. To the western world and even parts of the eastern world, this is the most outrageous act to the human race’s favorite companion. Yet in the name of good fortune in their lives, the people of Yulin believed that at the end of every winter, they have to torture and slaughter approximately 15,000 dogs for their Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival.

So according to a report from a renowned business magazine, around 10 million dogs are torture and killed each year to satisfied the growing consumption of dogs in China. Sadly, China is not the only country in Asia that consume dogs but they are by far the largest of all Asian countries. Due to the Wuhan Virus (COVID) pandemic, there are now certain cities, such as Shenzhen who have banned the killing and consumption of dogs.

Here’s another weird fact from China. Bats Brings You Fortune. It is a popular belief in China that bats are a sign of good luck. The belief stems from hundreds of years of Chinese folklore and legends. No wonder at the onset of the COVID pandemic, it was believed that the COVID novel virus came from bats. Little did we know that the COVID virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology; funded by no other than Dr. Fauci from National Institute of Health, and the COVID virus made its way to the wet market which was located right next to the research building. Hopefully bats now have lost it’s status and good fortune after this.

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