Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You to the Bathroom?

Both cat behaviorists and veterinarians have failed to understand why cats enjoy chasing their owners to the bathroom. But it doesn’t matter which of the hypothesis below is true; you still have to let your cat inside the toilet with you because it enjoys that time of the day. They will follow you to the bathroom, jump into the sink when you use it, and enjoy spending time with you. Even if you somehow enter the bathroom alone, your cat will sit outside the door waiting for you until you come out. You will understand me only if you own a cat.

Cats are naturally curious:

You have undoubtedly concluded that cats are the world’s most curious animals. Essentially, they cannot enter or exit a room without first looking behind them. In this sense, using the bathroom with the door closed is difficult. As much as you’d like to believe it, you may do something gratifying without it today! In addition, since your cat views a portion of your house as its own, denying it access will make it more curious about what is going on there. Consider buying your cat a cat tree so they can climb it and see what is happening around them.

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