Facts About Full & Fuller House That Makes No Sense

The 1980s and 90s were simpler times; viewers found happiness even in the most rudimentary and mundane storylines and waited eagerly for the TGIF lineup of shows. Family-based sitcoms were the most popular, and neatly packed life lessons were the primary focus of production houses. With shows like Full House, which rules the primetime slot for as long as eight years, the everyday situations were pleasantly portrayed.

We are sure many of you grew up with Tanner and co and still might miss the three daddies. Some time back, Netflix released a reboot of Full House, perhaps to cash in on the hit TV sitcom in the 80s. Aptly titled Fuller House, the show boasts stark similarities with the original series and focuses on the life events of Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler. However, we couldn’t help but notice 22 eerie parallels between the two shows. From a lazy style of writing to unreal set and many other things, here are the pointless similarities between Full House and Fuller House…. and some dark secrets few know about.