Meghan Markle’s Life as Royalty is No Fairytale

Meghan Markle went through a twist in her life that most girls would consider a story right out of a fairy-tale novel. However, this was not a dream come true for Meghan, after her marriage to Prince Harry. Meghan Markle a commoner, born to inter-racial parents was an actress who played the role of her life by wooing Prince Harry to marry her, hoping she would become a Princess. But Meghan’s reality of palace life was a living nightmare, so much so that she moved her entire family to Southern California, to posh neighborhood where A-List celebrities like Oprah lives, a town called Montecito.

Even after a purchasing a $14 million home using Diana’s money left for Prince Harry, it seems as though even this has not made Meghan happy. Her sit-down to an exclusive special interview with fellow neighbor, Oprah Winfrey, where she trashed the royal family and her sister-in-law, Kate, she was still not satisfied. Meghan wants her millions (deals with Netflix, Spotify which never amount to anything) and she wants to move to a bigger mansion because her current estate just doesn’t feel like home…and sadly, she will be dragging Prince Harry through the mud to get what she wants.

Celebration for the First Anniversary of Meghan and Prince Harry:

After completing the one-year anniversary as the royal couple and publishing news about the little baby Archie, sources have been addressing that Meghan is perhaps not satisfied with how her past year has been filled with rules upon rules rather than a real-life fairy-tale. 

Warnings Before the Marriage

The public, members of the royal family, and Meghan’s friends and family all doubted whether Meghan was even sure of how big of a responsibility she was getting herself into while she was still engaged with Prince Harry and now, we are all certain that Meghan knows these complexities and the difference between an American and Royalty better than anybody.

More Attention than Ever Before

Meghan was never the type to be camera shy or get confused by spotting one too many interviewers outside the building. But being a royalty, that attention has increased by ten-fold, and it is inevitable that even though Meghan has experience with handling fame, this level of attention is something she had not imagined even in her dreams.

The Negativity in the Crowd

While there were more than enough supporters for Meghan and Prince Harry for tying the knot and even the Royal Family showed nothing but love, there were a number of people who gave negative comments towards the Royal couple as well.

These negative comments increased to the point that an official notice against these comments had to be published.

When Dream Became a Reality:

Duncan Lacombe once mentioned that once things settle and Meghan gets exposed to all the attention, she will realize that this is no fairy-tale; instead, it is a complicated reality.

Now that both Meghan and Harry have been successfully married for almost three years and have a baby, it is inevitable that Meghan knows of this reality.