The Enigmatic Mysteries Behind the World’s Famous Monuments

We all love mysteries, but when we know those mysteries are unsolved, we might get a bit irritated by that fact. The world is full of monuments that have left archaeologists confused to the core. The discoveries of these ancient cities have brought upon many questions to the surface. Our beliefs and view-points have been challenged. We are all curious to find out the answers to the self-evident questions that have arisen as we go deeper into the existence of these ancient cities and temples.

Each discovery leads to many mind-boggling theories related to aliens and dinosaurs. Sit tight and try to control your curiosity as you go through the mysteries of some of the world’s most fascinating and oldest civilizations. They will leave you begging for answers.

 Lost City of Petra, Jordan

If you have ever got the chance to visit the wondrous Lost City of Petra or have seen pictures, you will be engrossed by the historic yet modern architecture. The hauntingly beautiful city in the Middle Eastern country Jordan has left scientists perplexed. Why, you ask? Well, it has to do with the architecture and engineering of this nine-thousand-year-old city. The whole water work system in the town along with the baroque architectural style is so ahead of its time that scientists plus archaeologists are confused about how did the people of that time, manage such intricacy and modernistic approach of development.

Petra is a part of the World Heritage Site since its discovery in 1985. It has been a hot-topic between scientist and archaeologists because of the mystery behind it. Scientists believe that it is impossible to find out the history behind the Lost City. Nobody knows who lived there, which ancient civilization inhabited the rocks of Petra or where did the residents disappear to. There haven several conclusions that have come out, but they remain unconfirmed. Recent discoveries have led people to believe that the Edom Civilization lived in Petra at some point in time; however, there are many contradictions on that topic.

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