Awkward Family Photos That Will Make You Cringe!

Pictures can capture all sorts of emotions. A picture shown on the television or printed in the newspaper can feel gruesome or terrifying, but at the same time, a picture can be a hilarious capture of an embarrassing moment. A family photo can be the most heartwarming thing on the planet, but similarly, the same portrait can make you cringe when taken with little or over-planning like the images mentioned below.

“Say what?”

Dogs can be the most adorable thing on the planet if they follow the rules you taught them and act all cute. However, if your canine buddy is not in the mood to cooperate or follow the house rules, then you can end up with a terrifying family photo.

Peace on Earth

It is no secret that women tend to talk a little too much. So, just put a tape on their face, and you too can experience world peace, save rumors from spreading and have mental stability with a happy family.

Daddy’s Favorite Son

A father holding his baby and leaving the elder out because obviously, he loves both equally is always adorable.

So Wrong!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, not only can you not unsee this photo but there are just no words!

Not All Bunnies are Cute

When most things can increase the cuteness of a picture like your dog but adding a terrifying bunny costume can never make the picture not awkward. So how about spending a little more money on your favorite costumes to avoid the family photo look like a horror movie trailer.

Hug of Death

When your father tries to hug your entire family in a single picture to show his affection, some people can undoubtedly end up meeting the grim reaper in that photoshoot especially if the father is or used to be a body builder. 

Costume Party

Getting all dressed up in costume can be fun if it’s Halloween, but getting a family photo wearing a Christmas light costume about to get “plugged in” electrocuted will only bring awkward memories.

Definitely not Forced

When you force your kids to take a family photo, then you can definitely end up with a horror movie cover photo with murderous stares ready for you to go to bed.

Scary Santa

A cute picture of your kid with the Santa clause can definitely be scary if the costume was bought last minute from a knockoff store and end up bringing nightmares every Christmas.

Love is Indeed Blind

People tend to take cringe-worthy pictures when they are in love and sometimes end up posting those pictures which do not end up as a good idea after you are out of your honeymoon phase, or worse, after the relationship goes downhill.

Matching Too Much

It is cute to match your outfit with your mom, but not a good idea to duplicate her afro hairstyle as well. That can definitely end up making you the mama’s boy…(or is that a girl) of the century.

Matching Pajamas

The only way to top your family’s matching ugly pajamas is by going naked bare-chested for the photo and make sure that everybody remembers not to theme the family portrait against your opinion ever again.

Creepily Cute

It can be very awkward when you end up taking weird photos of your pets, but they are still cute, and you end up being the only weird one in the picture with your adorable cats looking sweeter than ever.

Family Photo Before a Concert

It is never a good idea to take a picture with your adorable baby if you are dressed up in goth makeup to look like Robert Smith from The Cure because that will definitely stay at the bottom of the family album till eternity.

Love and Pain

They never say love is painless, and that includes your two-year-old pulling your hair out during a piggyback ride and turning the adorable family photo into a family photo for you to look back at forever.

Kitties are Cute

You want to keep your cats close to your heart so just put them in your pocket, right? Nope, that is definitely a recipe for creepy. It will also end up being awkward for when you have to show the picture to your neighbor later.

Complete Family

Sometimes people put things that remind them of their family members that were not able to make it for the photo shoot. However, it is not a good idea to replace your father with a wooden doll of his replica. The only thing that doll will radiate is that you probably killed your dad and want to remove all evidence by putting a fake doll in his place.

Santa is Overrated

It can get annoying for even five-year-olds to take a photo on Santa’s lap every time to the point that one day you might get the middle finger from your toddler because she is annoyed by the repeated tradition while your other daughter just sits there with the most innocent smile on her face. 


Adding teenagers and cute nineteen-year-old ladies can only result in the boys finding themselves some fun distractions to pass the time.

Fun Christmas

Christmas can be all smiles with photos taken with Santa unless you are a family in black with gothic makeup and a frozen expression because all that is going to feel like is awkward for both your family as well as the poor Santa sitting in the middle.

Cartoons for Life

When you watch too many cartoons, so even the family photo looks like it was out of a cartoon, then the only thing that the picture can feel like is awkward. It will get even more awkward when your toddler is all grown up and confused as to what exactly was happening in the photo.

Busy on the Phone

It shows through your kids when the parents are busy on their phones the whole day, and they get phones too to replicate what their parents do all day. Now that is definitely not an embarrassing picture.

Darth Vader Fan-mily

Ohh, you like Darth Vader? Just put him in the family photo because that definitely won’t be awkward for the entire family tree to look back at after you’re dead.

Protecting His Damsel in Distress

A picture with you holding a weapon to protect your wife, I hope. This can be a scene out of a movie if you both know how to act, but it can feel like a murder scene if even one of you does not make the right expression when needed.

The Color Wheel

Can’t decide on what color to wear for the family photo? Just wear one color each and even cover your face with the same color paint because that definitely will not be odd.

Bad hair day

Putting on a bald cap when you are having a bad hair day will bring you nothing but embarrassment not because it’s a bald cap but because nobody in the family knows how to put on a bald cap and everybody’s hair is showing from underneath the cap.

We Love Halloween

A family photo with Halloween makeup to express how much you love Halloween is definitely not a family picture goal for next year especially since you already used that costume idea this year. This family either is related to Gene Simmons or really is a diehard headbanger of the band KISS.

Family Forever

When you love your family so much that you get their faces tattooed on your back and get a shirtless picture with them around, the tattoo is one of the most awkward things any dad can do especially because where will he fit the face of the next child that is about to come.

Add Dad in the picture too

You love dad, but he could not be in the photo; add his face as the entire background because that is definitely only heartwarming and definitely not creepy and cringe worthy.

A Trendy Picture

It is a great idea to dress up for a picture, but it can get cringe-worthy very quick if the entire family does the same trendy hairstyle which will be out of fashion in six months leaving the impression that all the ladies were simply trying to copy each other and did a terrible job at it.

Settle in your Positions

People need to decide their positions properly before they take the photo. Otherwise, it can be very awkward to look at the photo, even if it’s just the dog sitting in the wrong position and making the entire photo look like a mating season for the dog.

Crossbow love

A cute family photo with everyone holding a crossbow, definitely not awkward or scary. I cannot imagine what the photographer might be feeling when taking the photo. They are definitely zombie apocalypse ready.

Add the Chicken

Adding a dog or cat in the family photo is cute, but adding your farm’s chicken in the picture is not that cute and only feels awkward to everybody that views the picture later.

Shy Possum

Well, if people thought the chicken was odd, then how about adding your possum in the portrait and let your dad hold his favorite boy. That is definitely a recipe for an eternity of cringe.


Families tend to look alike. Sometimes the father, daughter, son, and even the wife can look like the exact copies of each other. But even if they look alike that is sweet until you make sure that everyone is wearing a matching outfit to the point that even the glasses are the same for every person. 

A Happy Family

A family photo shows emotion and love unless your entire family stands there with poker faces staring straight into the poor cameraman’s soul. The first thing that man is going to do after taking your picture is call a therapist for the entire family.

Matching Outfits

Matching outfits are definitely cute and not awkward until you fit your dad in the matching dress as the daughter and give him the same hairstyle as well.

Martial Artists

A family of martial artists taking a photo in their martial art sets with each member posing a move, now that is both awkward and cringe worthy.

I Don’t Want To

Forcing your kid for a photo might as well just put them on the urge to climb back to the gateway that bought them to this world. 

No kids, more monkeys

If you want monkeys instead of kids and decide to even take a family photo with all of them, then do not expect it to turn out pretty because that’s a banana idea. But it will definitely give your cameraman a belly laugh.

Let’s Show Off the Guns

Girls can have boyish likes as well until it’s a trio of sisters holding guns in the family photo with an emotionless face staring straight into the lens. Whoever breaks these ladies’ hearts will have to dig his grave in advance.

Choking Duck

Hey, leave the duck alone! She’s so cute and sweet. You can hold your duck in the family photo. That idea is definitely not awkward especially if you hold him from his neck like a psychopath. 

Just a Family Friendly Family Photo

A cute family photo with everyone dressed up and your dad is lying down behind your mom all naked, now that is cringe worthy.

We are IndiansNOT

Cultural appropriation much? An entire family dressed up as Indians because they want to appreciate their roots is definitely not awkward. you love roots… Someone else’s Indian roots.

What Kingdom?

If you want to take a family photo in front of a national park, make sure that the entire board is visible…when your head is in the wrong place…

Last Minute Props

A not-awkward photo where everyone was definitely wearing thought-through props in a proper manner will definitely be cute and aesthetic, hopefully.

Mating Season

Taking a family photo with your dogs can be perfect until they start mating for the picture.

A Fairytale

The entire family dressed up in knockoff fairytale outfits can make the most cringe-worthy picture on the planet.

Narcos Themed

Imagine taking an adorable family picture where the wife holds the gun and the husband holds the parrot. That is definitely not awkward.

Kids can be Curiousy?

Children can go to all kinds of places when bored; make sure you check what your toddler is doing before you click the photo.

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